Jesus. Hubs. Grey cat. Black pup. Writing. Singing (badly, but loudly). Christmastime. Fall-colored leaves. Warm coffee. Chocolate chip cookies. Getting lost in a novel. Fuzzy socks. Furry creatures. Cheesy Hallmark movies. Inspiring quotes. Coffee mugs. Floral designs. Weddings. Bubble baths. Oversized sweaters with soft leggings. Tree Hill, NC (it exists in my world.) Family time. Sobriety. Childlike-wonder. Swiftie4Lyfe. Plush blankets. Perfectly messy top-knots. Office supplies. Authenticity.

I’m Erin. I’m 29, and those are 29 things that I love.

This blog was founded in 2015 as a way to express myself and possibly inspire others through my experiences. As time has progressed, I’ve come to find that I want to do whatever I can to be of service through my writing and help someone with my words and my transparency in them. My mission is fairly simple: Be intentional. Be helpful. Be kind. 

I spend so much of my time doing, and trying, and planning, and controlling, that I miss out on just being. One of my first posts on this blog was about simply being enough. Sometimes I get so caught up in having to be a certain way that I forget to simply be. As I am, as the person who is so very enough.

So this blog is to help me simply BE. Be myself, be intentional, be helpful, be kind. I invite you to join me.