Disconnect Week

I’m doing it. I’m finally disconnecting from social media. It rules my world, and it rules our culture.

Today is the first day, and I started with Facebook. I’m experiencing “withdrawals”, and I keep trying to check Facebook on my phone, only to find that I deleted the app (since I have no self control otherwise.)

If you aren’t addicted to social media, this post isn’t for you. If you can take it or leave it, leave it. Leave this post.

My reasoning behind this experiment is simple. I’m just too addicted to its convenience. I use social media for self validation, to keep in touch with friends, and to see what other people are up to. I use to to find out half-truths about the world around me, rather than using my brain to research current events myself. I use it on my phone to avoid small talk, to “tune out”, and to get away from an awkward situation.

Without it, I wouldn’t know what is up with the people I went to school with or majority of my family. The beauty of social media is that it allows us to maintain relationships (with a simple click of a thumb or a small comment) with people whom otherwise, we never would have remained in contact.

In some aspects, it’s really good. There are some people that I wouldn’t get the opportunity to talk with ever due to distance or life circumstances without it. I cherish that time. I will stay on Facebook partly for those reasons.

But also with it, I get to know that Bekah, one of my best friends from high school, got engaged over the weekend. I get to see that the girl I met junior year, someone I had two conversations with, has a beautiful little family. I get to know that my family is doing this, or that, and my cousin has this super cool dog.

What’s wrong with that picture though?

It’s not okay that the only way I’ve made an effort to keep in touch with Bekah (or any of my friends) is that I see her posts on Facebook. It’s kind of weird that someone might be watching me and my family through the screen that barely knows me. It’s pretty upsetting that part the relationship I keep with my family is that through a website, rather than a call or a visit to any one of them.

So, I’m challenging myself. I’m not only challenging myself to stop viewing a webpage or scrolling through a feed, but I’m challenging myself to be intentional in each and every relationship I have. I’m challenging myself to go past the screen and make a connection.

I really can’t wait to see how this unfolds. I’m curious to find who I remain in touch with over the next week. I really am. I’m curious to find if I can even do it. I will, of course, post all I learn from this experiment. And I will make a conscious effort to move beyond the little glass screen and be real with those around me.

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